The Right Tools For A Drywall Finish

Installing a new piece of drywall or repairing a hole in existing drywall can be a rewarding process, but the job isn’t done once the drywall is screwed in place. The drywall piece still has to be finished to make it blend in seamlessly with the rest of the wall. A proper finishing technique will make it impossible for anyone to tell where the new piece of drywall begins or ends. Here are some tools that can be used to get the finishing process done.

A mandatory tool for finishing drywall is a drywall knife. The knife is used to mix the compound and spread it onto the wall to fill in seams and dents. Multiple coats of drywall compound will be used to make the seamless finish so that you will need knives of different sizes, generally one at five inches, one at six inches, and one at ten inches. Disposable knives can be used, and are usually preferred because of how inexpensive they are, but if you spend a little more, you can have a metal tool will last quite a while, as long as you clean it after use.

Once the drywall compound has dried, it will need to be sanded to remove any imperfections and make the wall completely flush. Small sanding jobs can be done with a small section of the sand paper. For a larger job, or work that must be done on the ceiling, a sanding pole with changeable sheets can be used. The pole can use a mesh sheet that will let dust from the drywall pass through it. A sanding sponge with a smooth side and an abrasive side can be used to touch up spots on the wall.

If you’re faced with the task of mixing a container of the compound to use on the wall and want to do it with a little speed, you can use a drill with a mixing paddle. The paddle attachment will push down any water that has collected on the surface of the compound and mix it thoroughly. It only takes a few moments to mix with the drill and paddle, and you save more time and energy than if you mixed the compound by hand.

Although a utility knife is small, it can be quite handy when doing a finishing job. The knife can be used to cut the compound container open before you start the job. It can also be used to cut the wall tape that will be placed over the seams of the drywall before the compound is applied. Be sure to use a knife with locked in interchangeable blades, rather than ones that snap off.

All you need is the right tools to finish a wall. Before finishing your drywall, make sure you have everything that you need, and the job will be over before you know it.